Looking for teaching jobs in Arizona?

I’ve got you covered this blog post.

I lived and taught on a reservation in Arizona for five years – and if I can save you time, I want to help!

If you’re specifically interested in teaching on a reservation in Arizona, check out this other blog post.

In that blog post, I dive deep into what it’s like to teach on an Indian reservation.

Here, in this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the best paid teaching jobs in Arizona
  • Where to find current Arizona teacher openings
  • The Arizona teaching requirements
  • About Arizona teaching reciprocity, if you’re coming to Arizona from another state

Ready to dive in?

Let’s do it.

But before we do, I recommend bookmarking this page – because you’ll want to come back to it until you secure your teaching job in Arizona!

Reservation Teaching Jobs in Arizona

If you don’t have a ton of time to search the internet, you’re gonna love this database.

We have this massive, ever-growing list of teaching jobs on Indian reservations across the United States.

This includes teaching jobs in Arizona!

And, these tend to be the best paid teaching jobs in Arizona.

It’s not uncommon to get a starting salary of $80,000, depending on the reservation.

You can even filter by salary, benefits, state, and whether or not affordable housing is offered.

And we’re talking REALLY affordable housing.

Like under $300, $400, or $500 a month!! For a whole house!

Click here to access the free database.


Job searching is often a chicken-and-egg scenario.

You need to know where you’ll be living to look for jobs – but, it’s hard to look for jobs when you don’t know where you’ll be living!

So before you get to the job lists, have a think on where in Arizona you’d like to live.

Do you want to live in a major metropolitan area, like Phoenix?

Or do you want to live in a small, rural, mountain town – like Show Low?

Do you want the quintessential, saguaro sunsets in Tucson?

Or would you rather have snow and a spruce trees in Greer?

Whatever you like best, it’s good to have an idea before you spend too much time looking at jobs.

Arizona is a diverse state!

Take a second now to really think ab out what you’d prefer.

Do you have an idea now?

Ok, let’s talk about a few more important things before I take you to the jobs.

How to Find the Best Paid Teaching Jobs in Arizona

When you’re looking at Arizona teacher openings, it’s a good idea to keep salary in mind.

I mean, after all – we’re here for the kids, but money matters too!

Where to Find Current Arizona Teacher Openings

So many teachers make the mistake of going straight to Google.

With positionings opening and closing so quickly, and with teaching jobs being posted and managed across various sites, what you find on Google can actually be outdated.

It’s a good place to start for research – I mean, it’s probably how you ended up here!

But there are better places to look once you’re actually ready to apply.

Here are the best places to find teaching jobs in Arizona:

School District Websites

Go straight to the source!

To help you get started, here’s a table I created that shares names and website links for most public school districts in Arizona.

Note that this may not include public schools on reservations in Arizona.

If you want that, though, click here to grab free access to the database I have!

Master List of School Districts in Arizona

This is why you’ll want to bookmark this page.

On this table, you’ll find an alphabetical list of public school districts in Arizona, with links to the school district websites:

School District NameWebsite
Agua Fria Union High School Districthttps://www.aguafria.org/
Ajo Unified School Districthttps://www.ajoschools.org/
Alhambra Elementary School Districthttps://www.alhambraesd.org/
Amphitheater Unified School Districthttps://www.amphi.com/
Apache Elementary School Districthttps://www.apachejunctionschooldistrict.org/
Ash Fork Joint Unified School Districthttp://www.afjusd.org/
Avondale Elementary School Districthttps://www.avondale.k12.az.us/
Balsz School Districthttps://www.balsz.org/
Benson Unified School Districthttps://www.bensonsd.k12.az.us/
Bisbee Unified School Districthttps://www.bisbeeunified.org/
Blue Ridge Unified School Districthttps://www.brusd.org/
Buckeye Elementary School Districthttps://www.besd33.org/
Buckeye Union High School Districthttps://www.buhsd.org/
Bullhead City Elementary School Districthttps://www.crsk12.org/
Camp Verde Unified School Districthttps://www.cvusd.k12.az.us/
Casa Grande Elementary School Districthttps://www.cgesd.org/
Casa Grande Union High School Districthttps://www.cguhsd.org/
Catalina Foothills Unified School Districthttps://www.cfsd16.org/
Cave Creek Unified School Districthttps://www.ccusd93.org/
Chandler Unified School Districthttps://www.cusd80.com/
Chino Valley Unified School Districthttps://www.chinovalleyschools.com/
Clarkdale-Jerome School Districthttps://www.cjsd.k12.az.us/
Claypool Elementary School Districthttps://www.haydenschools.org/
Congress Elementary School Districthttps://www.congressdistrict.org/
Coolidge Unified School Districthttps://www.coolidgeschools.org/
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary School Districthttps://www.cocsd.us/
Crane Elementary School Districthttps://www.craneschools.org/
Crown King Elementary School Districthttp://crownkingschool.com/
Deer Valley Unified School Districthttps://www.dvusd.org/
Douglas Unified School Districthttps://www.dusd.k12.az.us/
Dysart Unified School Districthttps://www.dysart.org/
East Valley Institute of Technologyhttps://www.evit.com/
Eden Elementary School Districthttp://www.edenschool.org/
Ehrenberg Elementary School Districthttps://www.ehrenbergschool.org/
Elfrida Elementary School Districthttps://www.elfridaschools.org/
Eloy Elementary School Districthttps://www.eloyesd.net/
Flagstaff Unified School Districthttps://www.fusd1.org/
Florence Unified School Districthttps://www.fusdaz.com/
Flowing Wells Unified School Districthttps://www.flowingwellsschools.org/
Fort Huachuca Accommodation School Districthttps://www.fthuachuca.k12.az.us/
Gadsden Elementary School Districthttps://www.gesd32.org/
Ganado Unified School Districthttp://www.ganado.k12.az.us/
Gilbert Public Schoolshttps://www.gilbertschools.net/
Glendale Elementary School Districthttps://gesd40.org/
Glendale Union High School Districthttps://www.guhsdaz.org/
Globe Unified School Districthttps://www.globeschools.org/
Higley Unified School Districthttps://www.husd.org/
Isaac Elementary School Districthttps://www.isaacschools.org/
J.O. Combs Unified School Districthttps://www.jocombs.org/
Joseph City Unified School Districthttps://www.jcusd.org/
oe City Unified School Districthttps://www.joecityschools.org/
Kayenta Unified School Districthttps://www.kayenta.k12.az.us/
Kingman Unified School Districthttps://www.kusd.org/
Kirkland Elementary School Districthttps://www.kirklandaz.org/
Kyrene Elementary School Districthttps://www.kyrene.org/
Lake Havasu Unified School Districthttps://www.havasu.k12.az.us/
Liberty Elementary School Districthttps://liberty.k12.az.us/
Litchfield Elementary School Districthttps://lesd79.org/
Littlefield Unified School Districthttps://littlefield.k12.az.us/
Madison Elementary School Districthttp://www.madisonaz.org/
Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School Districthttps://www.msmusd.org/
Marana Unified School Districthttps://www.maranausd.org/
Mayer Unified School Districthttps://www.mayerschools.org/
McNeal Elementary School Districthttps://www.mcnealbroncos.org/
Mesa Public Schoolshttps://www.mpsaz.org/
Murphy Elementary School Districthttp://www.murphyelementary.org/
Nadaburg Unified School Districthttps://www.nadaburgsd.org/
Nogales Unified School Districthttps://www.nusd.k12.az.us/
Oracle Elementary School Districthttps://www.osd2.org/
Osborn Elementary School Districthttps://osborn.greatheartsamerica.org/
Overgaard-Heber Unified School Districthttps://www.mogollonrimnews.com/schools/overgaard-heber-unified-school-district/
Page Unified School Districthttps://www.pageud.org/
Palominas Elementary School Districthttps://www.palominas.org/
Paradise Valley Unified School Districthttps://www.pvschools.net/
Parker Unified School Districthttps://www.parkerusd.org/
Patagonia Elementary School Districthttps://www.patagonia.k12.az.us/
Payson Unified School Districthttps://www.pusd10.org/
Peach Springs Unified School Districthttps://www.peachsprings.k12.az.us/
Pearce Elementary School Districthttp://www.pearceschool.org/
Peoria Unified School Districthttps://www.peoriaunified.org/
Phoenix Elementary School Districthttps://www.phxschools.org/
Phoenix Union High School Districthttps://www.phoenixunion.org/
Pima Unified School Districthttps://www.pimaschools.org/
Pine-Strawberry Elementary School Districthttps://www.pineesd.org/
Pinnacle Educationhttps://www.pinnacleeducation.org/
Prescott Unified School Districthttps://www.prescottschools.com/
Queen Creek Unified School Districthttps://qcusd.org/
Red Mesa Unified School Districthttps://www.redmesaschools.org/
Red Rock Elementary School Districthttps://www.redrock.k12.az.us/
Riverside Elementary School Districthttp://www.riverside.k12.az.us/
Roosevelt Elementary School Districthttps://www.roosevelt.k12.az.us/
Round Valley Unified School Districthttps://www.rvusd.org/
Sacaton Elementary School Districthttps://www.sacatonschools.org/
Saddle Mountain Unified School Districthttps://www.smusd90.org/
Sahuarita Unified School Districthttps://www.susd30.us/
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School Districthttps://www.scv35.org/
Scottsdale Unified School Districthttps://www.susd.org/
Sedona-Oak Creek Joint Unified School Districthttps://www.sedonak12.org/
Seligman Unified School Districthttps://www.seligmanusd40.org/
Sentinel Elementary School Districthttps://www.sentinelcsd.org/
Show Low Unified School Districthttps://www.showlow.education/
Sierra Vista Unified School Districthttps://www.svusd68.org/
Skull Valley Elementary School Districthttp://www.skullvalleyschool.org/
Snowflake Unified School Districthttps://www.snowflake.k12.az.us/
Solomon Elementary School Districthttps://www.solomon.k12.az.us/
Somerton Elementary School Districthttps://www.ssd11.org/
Sonoita Elementary School Districthttps://www.sonoitaelementary.org/
Stanfield Elementary School Districthttps://www.stanfield.k12.az.us/
Superior Unified School Districthttps://www.superior.k12.az.us/
Tanque Verdehttps://www.tanqueverdeschools.org/
Tuba Cityhttps://www.tcsosd.org/
Valley Unionhttps://www.vusd48.org/
Window Rockhttps://www.wrschool.net/

I’ve lived in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Whiteriver, and Tucson.

Every city is so different – so think about where you’d like to live before you apply to a million jobs!

Networking With Current Employees

The best way to get on-the-ground info about the schools and districts you’re applying to, is to talk with teachers who are already working there.

And it’s not only beneficial for getting good info.

Once you’re ready to apply to teaching jobs in Arizona, you can connect with these same contacts to become your referrers and references.

That said, you always want to connect with people in authentic way.

Nobody likes feeling used!

But networking is a legitimate way to discover, find, and apply for jobs.

Here are the best places to get feedback about schools and districts in Arizona:


If you’re not already active on LinkedIn, you’ll definitely want to start building a presence there.

It helps you look more professional and established when you’re applying to jobs, and you can even get discovered by employers who are looking to hire teachers with your skills.

I’ve linked my profile on LinkedIn so we can connect.

This will be especially helpful if you’re looking for reservation teaching jobs in Arizona!


I’m not gonna lie, Reddit can be like this vortex that sucks you in.

And on its worst days, it’s a cesspool of negativity that’s hard to escape from.

But there are two things that make Reddit a great source of information:

  1. It’s usually anonymous, and
  2. Whatever question you have, someone else has probably already asked it

In fact, I’ve found answers to many questions I’ve had just by searching old forums.

This blog post lists links to the best Reddit boards for teachers.

I also recommend following these boards:

Facebook Groups

You can find some incredible connections in the best Facebook Groups!

I’ve linked mine above. It’s a great, free community for you if you think you might like to teach on a reservation.

But if you’re looking for other Arizona teaching jobs, these are the best Facebook Groups to join:

Professional Organizations

The state of Arizona doesn’t have unions like other states.

However, there are several professional organizations that serve teachers in Arizona.

Here are a few really good ones to bookmark:

Trustworthy Websites

Arizona State Department of Arizona Teacher Openings

Find out about teaching jobs in Arizona straight from the source.

Arizona Teachers of Tomorrow

This is a great program if you didn’t go the traditional route.

They show you exactly how to become a teacher in Arizona.

Teaching Arizona

You can find an updated job board right on the home page of their website!

Arizona Teaching Requirements

Becoming a certified teacher in Arizona might seem daunting, but it’s totally doable with the right information and preparation.

If you’ve recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education, or if you currently teach in a state that has reciprocity with Arizona, then you’ll have most of what you need already.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 years of teaching experience

    Note that you can do an alternative pathway to certification program if you have no prior teaching experience.

    This allows you to teach full-time in the classroom while pursuing your certification.

    There are a few programs that allow you to do this. I did the Rio Salado Teacher in Residence program.

    You can read more about my experience with that here.
  • Board-approve coursework and/or degrees

    This includes whatever subject you’re teaching, plus training in a few other areas relating to students with exceptionalities, pedagogy, classroom management, and instructional design, among other things

Next, you’ll need to pass the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) exam.

It’s divided into two parts: a professional knowledge exam and a subject knowledge exam.

These tests will evaluate your general teaching skills and knowledge of the subject area you want to teach. But don’t stress too much – with some studying and practice, you’ll be ready to ace those exams.

Finally, you’ll need to complete a fingerprint clearance card, undergo a criminal background check, and submit an application for certification to the Arizona Department of Education.

And voila – you’ll be a certified Arizona teacher, ready to apply for basically any teaching job in Arizona. J

Your certification is valid for six years, and you’ll need to complete continuing education requirements to renew it.

Most schools offer continuing education units through professional development programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this blog post, you should know how to become a teacher in Arizona, and where you can find the best jobs.

But you might still have some questions!

These are some of the most frequently asked questions from people looking to teach in Arizona.

Are Teachers in Demand in Arizona?

The short answer: yes!

There’s actually been a teacher shortage in the state of Arizona for several years now.

This makes it pretty easy for teachers to find jobs – even if you’re new, from out of state, or even if you’re from another country!

The demand for teachers in Arizona can vary depending on the subject and location, but in general, there’s a need across the board.

With a growing population and a constant need for education, the job market for teachers in Arizona is booming.

Arizona offers a ton of support to teachers, too.

Of course, every state has its own unique challenges and opportunities, but as far as the demand for teachers goes, Arizona is definitely a state to keep on your radar.

How Much Do Teachers Get Paid in Arizona?

Most data online will show that the average teacher salary in Arizona is around $50,000 per year.

But I’ve found this to be pretty inaccurate.

Remember – an average is the mean of all salaries considered in a dataset!

So while the “average” of all salaries comes close to $50,000, the typical, starting salary in Arizona is much lower (closer to a range of $30-$40k).

Of course, this can vary depending on factors like experience level, education, and specific location.

Teachers on Indian reservations in Arizona tend to get paid more (click here to access a free database for those jobs!).

Arizona always ranks towards the bottom in teacher pay.

But thankfully, the cost of living is still much lower than neighboring states (at least, for now!).

Is Arizona a Good Place to Teach?

The state has a lot to offer teachers, with great weather, stunning landscapes, and a low cost of living.

However, as mentioned above, teaching salaries in Arizona are generally lower than in other states, and teacher turnover rates can be quite high.

And there are always concerns over funding and resources for the state

That being said, there are still many great opportunities for teachers to make a positive impact in Arizona classrooms and communities.

It always comes down to personal preferences and needs.

If you love the lifestyle and the weather, and you’re able and willing to make less than you might elsewhere, then it can be a great fit!

What Are the Requirements to Teach in Arizona?

I go a bit more into this earlier on in the article, so you can scroll up if you want details.

But here’s the quick, TLDR version:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program
  • Passing scores on the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) or equivalent exams
  • Fingerprint clearance and background check
  • Arizona teaching certificate or alternative certification through Arizona Department of Education
  • Continuing education to maintain certification and stay up-to-date with teaching practices

Is the Arizona Teacher Salary Worth It?

This is such a hard and personal question.

For me, it was definitely worth living and teaching on a reservation for a few years while we saved money, gained experience, and built up professional experience.

I ultimately left the classroom to pursue blogging and freelancing full-time, but I know many teachers who are still happy in Arizona classrooms!

Are There Online Teaching Jobs in Arizona?

Yes there are!

Here’s a list of online schools in Arizona that hire teachers:

  1. Arizona Connections Academy – https://www.connectionsacademy.com/arizona-virtual-school
  2. Arizona Virtual Academy – https://azva.k12.com/
  3. Great Hearts Online – https://greatheartsonline.org/
  4. Insight Academy of Arizona – https://az.insightschools.net/
  5. Primavera Online High School – https://www.primavera-online-high-school.com/
  6. Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning – https://www.sequoiachoice.org/
  7. South Pointe Junior High School – https://southpointejhs.susd.org/
  8. University High School Online – https://uhsportal.susd.org/


How are you feeling about your job search?

I know you were looking for teaching jobs in Arizona – and hopefully, you found much more by stumbling upon this blog post.

I write about living and teaching on a reservation, so I definitely think that’s a beautiful option for you to consider.

But even if you don’t do that, I think you’ll find this helpful as you search for teaching jobs in Arizona.

Best of luck in your search!

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