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Meet Brittany

Hey, there!

It’s great to meet you. 🤗

I’m a Christian, married, 30-something S.T.E.A.M. teacher – living and working on a reservation in northern Arizona.

When I’m not teaching or traveling then, you probably guessed it; I’m blogging. 😂

I actually love blogging so much, that I manage several blogs – all with different niches and purposes.

It got to the point where my husband suggested I help others with THEIR blogs – so I can be excited for the successful launch, without making another job for myself!! hehe. Needless to say, he’s a pretty smart guy. 😉

Now, I’m helping fellow TPT sellers save time and make more money through blogging tips, templates, courses and resources.

The Story Behind the Brand

Throughout my TPT Seller and teacher-blogger journey, there have been SO many times when I found myself wasting a ton of time with something.

Maybe these questions sound familiar:

  • “What do I write on a product listing?”
  • “Do I need to get the premium TPT Seller membership?”
  • “Do I really NEED a blog to grow my TeachersPayTeachers business?”
  • “If I decide to do a blog, what do I even write about??”
  • “Where should I host my blog?”
  • “Oh great, I need a theme – which theme do I choose?”
  • “Oh – I need PINTEREST, TOO?! Oh wait, and TAILWIND?!?! Goodness – will I ever catch up?!”
  • “Geez, everyone has a subscription. What’s worth paying for?”
  • “Is there SOME way I can figure this out on my own?”
  • “…isn’t there a free version?”

So, I started creating my own templates.

I started this as a way to save MYSELF time.

When I originally opened my TPT store, I was creating and selling digital instruction resources to help teachers navigate these unchartered waters of teaching during a global pandemic.

And I’m so grateful I was able to help in that way.

But as time went on, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Google Classroom and the G Suite just aren’t true passions of mine.

Yes, it’s important to have a niche that’s profitable. One that meets the needs of the customers and clients you want to serve.

…but if you’re not enjoying it??

Then all you’re doing is creating another job for yourself. Since I preach against that, I knew I needed to walk the talk myself.

It was time to pivot.

(I hope you know that’s something you can totally do, should you ever be in a similar place!!)

Now, I create templates to help TPT sellers save time when branding and marketing their stores – so they can focus on their own zones of genius.

Can’t wait to work with you!!

If you’d like to see what I have on offer, check out my store on TeachersPayTeachers.

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