Hi! I’m Brittany, the writer behind Teach Blog Travel.

I write about living and teaching on a reservation.

Because not all of us can up and move to a new country.

You might be restricted by your passport, or maybe you have a health condition that makes living abroad more difficult.

Maybe, you actually want to live close to your family – and experience the joy of having a pet.

Living and teaching on a reservation is an amazing way to travel, save money, have an adventure, and live in another culture…

WITHOUT moving abroad.

In my 20s, I dreamed of moving abroad.

I even worked several seasonal jobs across the United States while I strived to find my “thing.”

I worked at a(n):

  • International summer camp in Hawaii
  • Outdoor school near San Francisco
  • Flower farm in Virginia
  • Day camps in inner-city Phoenix
  • Summer camps in California and Arizona

But, I had another, competing dream.

I was raised by my maternal grandmother.

I won’t get into the family drama now, but I’ll say that living closer to my mom is something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl.

So, when I had the chance to take a teaching job on a reservation in northern Arizona, I jumped on it.

I’d only be 40 minutes from her.

I’d be able to connect with siblings I didn’t get to grow up with.

And I thought,

“Maybe this could scratch the itch of moving abroad, while building relationships with my family.”

Thankfully, my husband was up for the adventure.

I lived and taught on the reservation for five years.

While I’m not an expert in cross-cultural communication by any means, I learned a LOT during my time there.

I learned the side of American history we never learned in high school.

I learned that suicide is the leading cause of death for Native American youth.

And, I learned about the beautiful, rich culture of the Apache people – and how their traditions are imbued into daily life even today.

I also learned a lot about myself – the limits to my perspective, how I relate to others, and about how sometimes just listening to someone is the work worth doing.

And now, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you.

Whenever you decide you’re ready to embark on your own adventure, you’re going to be way more prepared than I was.

Because NOBODY was writing about this stuff when I moved out there.

I learned it all the hard way.

Let me save you time, tears, and a ton of stress.

On this blog, you can expect to find it all.

The ups, the downs, the super-uncomfortable, “Should we be talking about this” conversations.

Because, if we’re not talking, nobody’s listening.

And if nobody’s listening, nobody’s learning.

You’ll learn everything you need to know, BEFORE you go – when it comes to living and teaching on a reservation as a non-native outsider.

You know the drill as a teacher.

I can’t post EVERYTHING publicly.

There are some things that are best said among friends only.

Wanna hear those things, too?

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