I know that this time is uncertain and stressful.

I’d love to support you by saving you some time.

Let’s have a one-on-one, and get things done.

Google Classroom Consulting

Need some extra support with Google Classroom? I can help with that.

For the cost of a morning coffee or lunch out, I’d be happy to help you in a one-on-one setting.

Let’s hop on a live call or video chat where we can troubleshoot in real time. Sometimes, it helps to just hear the problem spoken out loud with a real person!

Google Classroom Setup

Want someone to setup a functional Google Classroom for you to take over? I can do that, too.

For $30, I can setup a functional Google Classroom for you, complete with template posts for beginning assignments. All you’ll have to do is add your students, create and attach the assignment resources, and start assigning work! Choose “Setup” for this type of support.

Don’t have time to create a week’s worth of Google Classroom orientation resources? For a bit more, I can setup a Google Classroom for you, and include one license for each of my Google Classroom resources (relevant to your grade(s) and subjecst) for a smooth first week. Just choose the “Setup Plus” option.

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